Why Community?

Four words capture the Westchester Homecare difference that makes Community the ideal choice to care for your loved ones:



Community is the very definition of caring. We do not treat patients. We treat people. Our aides quickly learn your loved one’s likes, dislikes and distinctive personality traits. Although a person may be elderly, disabled or ill, their personality, desires, and ability to enjoy have not been erased. With this in mind, our aides provide your loved one with sensitive, warm, deeply-intuitive companionship, and just the right customized care.


Community means peace of mind. We deeply understand your concerns about leaving your loved one in the hands of a stranger, often for extended periods of time. With our unique internal rating system, we provide an aide you can trust to bring the highest level of sensitivity to care for your loved one’s emotional and physical needs.


With Community, your loved one is in the best of hands. Our aides, assistants and companions are highly-trained, experienced and New York State-certified, bringing their invaluable knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to your loved one’s care.


Community is there for you, whenever, wherever you need us. Any day, any time, any hour! Simply give us a call at (914) 222-CARE.


Your loved ones will benefit from homecare if:

  • They are homebound and advised by their physician to obtain home care services
  • They are elderly, disabled or ill and require assistance with daily living activities in order to live independently at home
  • They are able to be discharged from a hospital or nursing home but require continued care at home
  • They have a chronic or life-threatening condition but wish to rest or live out their life in the comfort of their own home
  • They are elderly, disabled or ill, wish to make a long-distance visit to family or friends but require personal care while away from home

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